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Domestic & Foreign Application and Prosecution of Intellectual Property (IP)

The best technical and legal experts provide the best IP rights securing services through processing and registration of domestic and foreign patent, utility model, design, trademark applications, and PCT, Madrid and Hague applications, etc. 

IP Analysis & Strategy Establishment, IP Appraisal, Consultancy
or IP Business

Provide consulting services including prior art search, patent trend analysis, management of IP rights portfolio, development of IP-R&D strategy, and IP rights infringement assessment

Trial, Litigation, and Counteraction for Intellectual Property Disputes

Provide legal services related to IP litigation, such as third-party observation, opposition, appeal, invalidation trial, trial to confirm the scope of patent right, and litigation for cancellation of trial decision

IP Commercialization & Monetization

Provide professional services that encompass valuation of proprietary IP assets, representing and acting on behalf of our clients in IP commercialization such as transfer of proprietary technology and technology acquisition, patent licensing and attracting technology investment.

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